Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday


[There was a buyout today so none of the FOH team were able to make it to class]

Ss had to use 'more' and '-er' correctly and present a dish to the class.

Ss came up with some great adjectives to describe the foods we talked about—Peppers: colorful, beautiful. Jalapeños: spicy, long. Spinach: healthy, bitter. Kiwi: fuzzy. Strawberries: juicy, delicious

New words for ss today: mild, tough, worse. 

Yomaira did a great job today and we were happy to see her. She is always very shy to volunteer answers, but today she came up with some great, correct answers for our free activity and volunteered them: The strawberries are sweeter than kiwi. The jalapeños are spicier than bell peppers.

Level 1 - Thursday

Level 1 High - Friday