Level 1 High - Friday


Today, ss had to understand categories of a food label, recognize healthy vs. not healthy, and express units of measure.

Joselo seemed spacey today—could possibly be because he looked tired and/or due some interruptions were too distracting for him.

Both ss brought in cans from home today to discuss! Joselo brought in a Goya black beans can, which I wouldn't let him use for the free ref sheet activity because everything was also in Spanish, but we DID use it to look up new words. Jose brought in a can for an organic, fair trade, energy drink so there was a lot of great things to take note of and look at on it: energy drink, fair trade, certified, organic cane sugar.

Some other new words today: healthy, fat, whole, canned, topped, iron, serving, fiber, saturated fat (or sat fat as per the protein label)

Level 1 - Thursday

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday