Level 1 - Thursday


Ss learned how to ask for things in English using the phrase "Can I have?" in addition to what they had previously learned: I want and I need.

We opened class with a short conversation about "you're welcome", Merary keeps saying "welcome". So I asked students to practice the entire class. Every time someone said "thank you" they had to respond with "you're welcome". Leo especially enjoyed this task and liked holding his peers accountable, respectfully of course/.

We spoke about chemicals and paper goods -- everyone was wondering how to talk about different shades of colors. So, we went over light blue vs dark blue. I noticed Leo taking notes voraciously.

Sometimes when students said "toilet paper" they said "paper toilet" which can come out as "paper toil" which sounds like "paper towel" A good way to demonstrate why pronunciation is important. 

We found a big box of toilet paper rolls and in a modified go fish game had to ask each other for rolls. Some new [phrases emerged as a result:

  • I don't have.
  • I only have (number)
  • I have zero.

This group is working together nicely. We missed Olvis. Narciso said he had to stay and work at his station. 

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday

Level 1 High - Friday