Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday


Today, ss had to read and analyze a text describing a dish. Understand use of collocations (frequently paired words)

soft drink was a new word for everyone today—Fidel and Salvador originally thought it was a drink that perhaps had a soft flavor—like a mild tequila or wine or possibly even something like a juice. This was great to learn because if a guest asks them "what kind of soft drinks do you have?" They certainly don't want to answer with "tequila." !!

Fanny proves herself to be at about the same level as Fidel and Salvador who are very advanced. She was able to participate in our robust conversations today with ease, and was even able to explain to the guys what a "phrasal verb" is, which is another type of collocation. Fanny is such a hardworking and dedicated student who excels more and more each week. This class is a great fit for her.

Level 1 High - Friday

Level 1 - Thursday