Do you eat meat?

Level 1 - Thurs AM

At the start of class we have a 'walk-n-talk' activity - a mingling activity.  This week's walk-n-talk question was: Do you eat meat?

Inspired a lot of questions from students about the different kinds of meats. Narciso even bleated like a lamb to ask what the animal was. (no shortage of laughter there). Olvis explained that he eats horse salami in the DR. Henrry said he loves pheasant. And Julio made it clear that he really likes 'all' meat (a new word for everyone).

We ended the class with a reading acitvity that included all words with EE and EA sounds: leek, leak, tea, leave, etc.

Their homework this week should be fun - they have to find words in their daily life that contain the vowels EE and EA together.




I'm write.

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