You can open door?

Level 1 - Thurs

Today's class just Narciso and Olvis. They did an *excellent* job learning when to use A/An/Some in English and produced it beautifully by the end of class, learning several new words in the process including how to express when you 'want' something in English.

  • I want some rice. 
  • I want a plantain.

More interestingly was the conversation I heard (in english) after class between Narciso and Olvis...

They were by the door and Olvis asked Narciso how to ask when you want someone to open the door. Narciso said "you can". An inverted form of the question - but still gets the point across. To which Olvis added "open". Narcisco then carefully said "You can open door?" - something we learned a few weeks back. I peeked my head over and said "question?" (meaning - do you need me to help you?) and they politely said "no". It was a pleasure to see them negotiating meaning independently like that. 


Yes bacon.

I go late to the English class.