Week 1 - Winter 2018

Level 2a/b (Thursday)

Note from Diana - Yomaira did a fantastic job in a the partner activity with Sibel, but she got overwhelmed and frustrated when working on her own. I spoke w/her briefly after class and asked her how she felt, if this class was OK. She said "yes. I'm just really nervous at first. I need to study my verbs more." And I told her "So does everyone in the class." I told her that maybe they can speak really well, but trust me, I see their writing and they need to study the verbs too so she laughed and seemed to feel better after I told her how everyone is good at some things and also not so good at something different than other people. I was proud she stuck it out though and noticed on her own where she needs to focus.

Level 1b (friday)

Students learned WH questions in class.  "How old are you?" was coming out "how are you" so we did a few rounds of listen and repeat. Francisco/EMP said, "teacher, the pronunciation for this one is hard!" After while, Each student received a different question to ask and answer with the group. So we switched out Francisco's easier question with someone who had "How old are you?" for him to practice even more!

Winter - Week 2

Level 1 High - Friday