Winter - Week 2

Level 1a

At the start of class I asked "Do you have a bike?" - This prompted Mary/MadeNice to ask about the 4 seasons. A nice teachable moment which everyone appreciated. 

Level 2 a/b

Ss learned the various pronunciations of verbs in regular past tense: needed vs watched vs washed. We went through a dialogue which prompted discussions about formality and informality.

Sibel/Nomad thought it was improper or unprofessional to say something like 'gonna' or 'wanna.'." 

Ss learned the term "keep me in the loop." Fanny/Nomad said it was fun to say. Salvador/Nomad asked, "is it OK to say this or write this in a formal conversation?" 


Winter - Week 3

Week 1 - Winter 2018