Winter - Week 3

Level 2 - Crumb

New words from lesson: scrub and rub. Sibel wanted to know what the difference between "crumb" and "scrub" is. "When I go to the table, can I say, 'may I scrub your table?'" So we talked about the difference and also about the difference between crumb noun (new word for ss) and crumb verb (created and used mostly only in the restaurant business). 

Other new words: set (set the alarm vs set the clock), felt ("I felt bad")

Level 1 - Francisco

Francisco had a really tough time with understanding the topic last week, and even came in today saying, "Teacher, I don't understand this verb, subject, where I put do, where I put does stuff!" -- but he was on a roll today! And he was so proud of himself too. By the end of class he was all smiles! Great job!


Winter - Week 4

Winter - Week 2