Winter - Week 5

Level 2 [Thursday]

In the level 2 class, students shared the story of their first day in New York. Here are some highlights:

Fanny, "I stood in front of the skyscrapers and it was snowing."

Dariel, "I saw that rich people are regular people here." [they take the train, they talk to people who aren't in their circle. In D.R. it's very divided] and "My sister said there are 4 kinds of NY. One in the summer it's hot. One in the winter it's very cold. One in the day time and one in the night time."

Yomaira, "My father had so much joy when he saw us."

Juan Carlos, "When I arrived I saw all the beautiful snow."

New words: sticky, sweaty, skyscraper

Level 1b [Friday]

Joselo was really confused at first as to why the answer to a question: "Where are your keys?" Would be "My keys are in my pocket." and not "My keys are in THE pocket" or "my keys are in YOUR pocket." Jose and Jordani got it and were trying to explain it to Joselo but he still didn't get it. So I took Jordani's keys and put them in my pocket and said, "now the answer is different. Now the answer is, 'his keys are in MY pocket.'" Then I put the keys on the table and said, "His keys are on THE table." Joselo finally said, " 'my, your, his' is for who and 'the' is in general." Great connection!

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