Winter - Week 7

Level 2

Fanny did an excellent job finding the correct verbs on a fill-in-the-blank activity. She continually demonstrates that she reviews, studies, and practices her material. Great job!

Salvador had to leave early to go to a work meeting, and when it was time for him to leave, he said, "Sorry teacher, but I gotta go..." which became a teachable moment. Sibel asked, "what is this, 'gotta'? Is it 'got to'? But that's not correct." So I explained that, no, grammatically it is not correct, but that people say it all the time and it has the same definition as "have to." We talked about how  'gotta' is simliar to 'hafta' !

Level 1b

Students had great answers a walk n talk activity:

  • "I have to go to an appointment at the hospital."—Francisco
  • "I have to check my Instagram for this. (wants to have his picture on instagra)" haha — Jordani
  • "I have to continue my daily routine: work, sleep, take care of my son." — Alvaro

New word for Erick: blueberry

Ss came up with some great stories for their do/make pictures:
"This is George. He has to do inventory. He has to go to the bank and make a payment. Later, he has to do English homework." — Group A: Joselo, Jordani, Francisco

Jordani did an excellent job today! He was very focused and volunteered a lot of answers. Also, he was super mindful of using the language correctly in his writing and speaking. Great job!

Winter - Week 8

Winter - Week 6