Winter - Week 4

Level 1a

Ss worked on reading and interpreting vowel sounds in order to understand English independently of class. Mery pointed out that she understands a lot when she reads and that it helps her to read out loud. She is doing a good job of helping Leo with his pronunciation when he reads too. Leo will speak very well but is working on making his speaking connection with the page. They make a good English team!

Level 1b

Jose Sanchez and Alvaro were paired together and given extra projects while Diana worked closely with Joselo and Jordani.

During the Free activity where students interviewed each other, Alvaro and Jose asked each other questions about daily activities for all 7 days of the week while Joselo and Jordani focused on 2 days of the week. 

Alvaro - "Jose checks the floorplan, prints the delivery order, and sets up the space for events on Mondays. He takes the train to work and reads on Tuesdays. He drives uber for 7 hours after work on Wednesdays. He goes to English class and drinks coffee in class on Fridays."
Jose - "Alvaro prints and puts up the schedule on Wednesdays. He changes the filters in the fans on Sundays. He sleeps and plays playstation with his kids on Mondays."

Winter - Week 5

Winter - Week 3