Winter - Week 9

Level 2b - Topic: Taking risks

New words: businessmen, extreme athlete, detective, cycling, remorse, adrenaline

What is a risk?
"When you don't know about something but you want to do it."—Juan Carlos
"When you try something to get a new experience."—Fanny
"You don't know what's gonna happen, but you want to learn something new."—Salvador

Why take risks?
For more money
For passion
For the adrenaline
to learn something new
to help other people
to help your family
for fun
"to feel something different" —Diana D. 

Why not?
"I don't enjoy doing dangerous things." —Fanny
"I don't like to do something if it's too illegal."—Dariel

 Diana was offering some really profound thoughts and ideas today. She is sometimes on the quiet side when we have a fuller class, so way to go!

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