Winter - Week 10

Level 2

Students learned about French words that commonly occur in English.

During the question of the day we learned that at NoMad, FOH is not allowed to say anything akin to "bon appetit!" Sibel pointed out that it might be strange to say something like that because everything is coursed out and you would keep saying, "Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy..."

New words: fancy, mustard, corn-on-the-cob, promenade, apart, pinecone, chiffonade
New phrases/expressions: "You bet!" "Now and then."

Fanny/NoMad did a great job making connections and communicating what she thinks today. That is something she said she struggles with at time. Way to go!

Level 1b

New words: with, rule, weather, spill, brush

Ss had some great sentences during a Brainstorm activity about the past tense:

"I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my mom last week."
"I did not do my homework last week."
"My wife brushed the hair of my kids this morning."

"I walked from my house to the train."
"Yesterday I carried the boxes for the glasses."
"Last Saturday I cleaned and organized my home."

Winter - Week 11

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