Winter - Week 8

A few highlights...

Level 2b [Thursday]

Class goal: Use advanced preferences. Understand gerunds and infinitives. Recall in/at/on.

When talking about preferences, students were asked about their work schedules. "What schedule do you prefer?" It certainly got ss thinking about language for preferences, but wasn't entirely applicable because all ss like their schedule! :)

A teachable moment:

Diana/NoMad had a text message from her teacher in her naturalization classes that said, "How'd it go yesterday?" She asked me what it meant in the first few minutes while we were waiting for other students. Diana, Fanny, and Yomaira learned a new contraction/reduction today: how'd

Level 1b [Friday]

Class goal: Identify the difference between like/want. Respond to yes/no questions.

A lot of new words today: culture, pear, vinegar, dessert, sweets vs something sweet, beets, a little bit, after

"Do you like something sweet after lunch?"—Joselo
"Yes, I do!"—Alvaro
"What do you like?"—Joselo
"I like mango."—Alvaro
"Do you like Coca Cola?"—Joselo
"Do you want mango or Coca Cola after lunch?"—Joselo
"I don't want nothing today."—Alvaro

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