Week 10 [Spring]

Level 3 [Advanced]

Students went on a vocabulary scavenger hunt this week and learned some new words. Some of the words that they didn't know really surprised them! New words: tray, curtains, railing, scaffolding, extension cord, seat cushion, wine chiller, scoop vs ladle, light bulb, electrical outlet, door knob vs handle, vent, cloche, pulp, clutch, shift change. Students learned 'pulp' when Steven/Eleven Madison Park talked about, "the little hairs in the juice." Students ended up having a big debate over 'what is pulp?' "Does is have seeds? is it in fruits and vegetable or just fruit? What makes pulp different than chunks in general in liquid?"

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Students studied a new emotion this week: feeling proud. After learning the word, they came up with some great examples for when they feel proud: 
"My brother just got his taxi license. I feel proud of him."—Yomaira/The NoMad
"When my kids do a good job in school because education is important. I feel proud of my kids."—Jose S./The NoMad


Week 11 [Spring]

Week 9 [Spring]