Week 8 [Spring]

Level 3 [Advanced]

Students gave mini presentations on their stations this week and learned a lot of new valuable vocabulary for their jobs.

One of Fabian/The NoMad's favorite things is cooking for room service. He learned the new idiom "race against the clock"—he likes to work fast and think quickly on his feet.

Fanny/The NoMad's favorite thing is to clean the radishes and carrots for presentation. She never really knew how to explain this so she was thrilled with learning it today.

Steven/Eleven Madison Park learned new words: dough, thick, thin, scale, elastic

New words all around: prawns, jus, beginner vs begin vs beginning

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Students learned new vocabulary word, 'disappointed' this week. They came up with some great examples of situations where they would feel disappointed:
"on Saturday morning when I take the train and it's always construction and slow."—Jose/The NoMad
"When my daughter doesn't clean the house." "When I forget something, like my metro card one time!"—Yomaira/The NoMad

Other new words this week: lose, feel, barista, line (train line)

Week 9 [Spring]

Week 7 [Spring]