Week 11 [Spring]

Level 3 [Advanced]

This week the Level 3 students studied the emotion, feeling proud. They had some great discussions on moments where they have 'felt proud:'
"When I got the email saying I got the job at Eleven Madison Park!"—Steven/Eleven Madison Park
"When I became a citizen."—Diana/The NoMad
"I'm proud of myself for raising great children. And I'm proud of my children for doing a great job in school." --Fabian/The NoMad 

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Students went on a vocabulary scavenger hunt at work this week and were surprised to learn the English words for things they are surrounded by everyday. Jose/The NoMad said, "I move this stuff everyday and I don't know the name. It's very important, the class today."

New words from the scavenger hunt: hinge, extension cord, matches, seat cushion, clipboard, wheel, pipe, cooler, hanger, rubber band, light bulb, faucet, drain, outlet, and handle.


Week 12 [Spring]

Week 10 [Spring]