Level 2/3 FOH - Tuesday


Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, class was moved to Tuesday this week.

Students learned about words that are frequently paired together - in English these are called collocations.

We went over the new words for clarification. For Example, soft drink was new and we talked about how its the opposite of hard cider or hard lemonade. The favorite new word of the class was unforgettable. Jose L said the day he met his wife was unforgettable. Jesus M said his mother was unforgetable. Jesus R said the day he met Jesus M was unforgettable.

Jesus M is volunteering more lately and Jesus R has been having more 'aha' moments in class.  When I explained the word 'multilayered' using onions as an example and the differences between under and over baked, his eyes lit up and something clearly clicked. Jose is improving every class.

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 1 - Monday