Level 2 - Tuesday


Today, Ss had to recall and use in/at/on for place and time. Then, they had to invite a friend to a work event. 

Ss (especially Jose Pacheco) were confused about the difference between in and on when it pertained to something like one's backyard or a neighborhood in a borough. Jose said, "But teacher, backyard is an outside place. Why not 'at'? Why in?" Astoria is a specific area. Why not 'at'? Why in?" I explained that "we talk about a backyard the same way we would talk about a room in our house and that we talk about towns, boroughs, neighborhoods the same way we talk about closed areas.

Note to managers - this is a point of confusion for many English learners. Help them out by letting them know which word to use if you hear it said incorrectly. 

Level 2/3 FOH - Thurs

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