Blanca + Filo

Blanca and Filo are both different students. Blanca is outspoken and helps her peers. Filo is quiet and only speaks when he's asked to. They have one thing in common though, they make connections in class. We worked on different vowel sounds this week. 

  • Wine vs Win
  • Tube vs Tub
  • Note vs Not
  • Same vs Sam

The word bike came up when we talked about 'i' sounds. Blanca asked Filo if he has a bike. Filo said no and he didn't know how to ride one either. Blanca asked what word is when you feel nervous but you're not nervous exactly. I said afraid.

For the rest of the class, Blanca and Filo made a concerted effort to use the word afraid in any way they could. Really courageous learning. 

Jose Montano