Level 2 (low) - Tuesday


Ss had to recall ordinal numbers, Read/organize simple written instructions today in relation to inventory and produce.

This was a challenging lesson for everyone, though Jesus (USE) and Fabio (G Terr) did take the lead. They were the only group who wrote the plural name on their inventory sheets ("oranges," "grapes," "strawberries," etc)....while the other groups wrote "orange," "grape," "strawberry." Jesus and Fabio also wrote "lacinato kale" instead of just "kale," and they were the only group that recalled and used expressions from past lessons like "bunch of" or "piece of" (bunch of kale, piece of ginger).

Confusing words: amount vs month !

Raul (BSBPC) in Giorgi (USC) and Jose F.'s (USE) were in a group. And Diana worked with Rosa (G terr) and Ousmane (BSBPC) who were confused and needed extra support. 

Level 2 - Thursday

Level 1 - Monday