Level 2 - Thursday


Today, Ss asked YES/NO questions while listening for and saying 'reduced' forms of the questions. Then, they created a short dialogue using short questions.

At the start of every class we have a question of the day. This week's was "are you shy?" None of the Ss knew what "shy" was. Maykor suggested the word "intimidated" and Elizabeth said, "The Spanish word is in there! (timida)" Great connections.

When learning about short yes/no questions (which are a real challenge for learners due to a lack on context clues) , a few came up that had some great uses in the kitchen.

"Are we out?" and "Are there more?" -- Douglas noticed that they were similar and asked, "So if I am out of something in my station, can I ask my chef one of these questions?" So we went over how these questions only apply very specifically if you cannot find something.



Level 1 - Monday

Level 2 (low) - Tuesday