Level 2 (low) - Tuesday


Ss continued learned how to read and analyze a short text in English today. Rachael observed class today as well. 

At the end of class, Ss had to write instructions for what they do in their jobs. These were great and Ss used the verbs positively correctly! "Turn on the oven. "Change my clothes." "Punch in." "Prepare the chicken." "Write the label for the vegetables." "Organize my station." "Organize the vegetables." "Fill the sanitizer bucket." "Mop the floor." "Cook the grits." "Check the freezer." "Put out my table." and of course, "First, drink coffee!"

Giorgi took a bit to hear/understand instructions today, but once he did, he did an awesome job. I especially loved his instructions for his job.

Level 1 - Wednesday

Level 1 - Monday