Level 1 - Monday


Ss learned about chemicals, paper, and numbers 1-12.

This class is at a lower level than our other beginner class, so we spent a lot of time on pronunciation. The moment I put the objects of the day on the table, everyone had questions. 

degreaser, soap, paper towels, toilet paper, foil

Some commonly mispronounced words which lead to misunderstanding were:

  • soap (pronounced so-ahp which sounds like SWAT, the name of another chemical)
  • paper towels (pronounced pep-per tolls)
  • toilet paper (pronounced paper tolet, ss say paper first and so it sounds a lot like paper towels)

Reallly proud of Jose L (BS27) who's always asking questions and is motivated to study. He will progress quickly if he's communicated with in English. 

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 1 - Wednesday