Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss had to understand food labels, recognize healthy vs. not healthy, and express units of measure.

After investigating some food labels, ss had to answer questions. They had a difficult time understanding the question "What is the food for?" thinking it was something that would be spelled out for them on their label. For example, Jesus, Fabio, and Jose L (USE). thought it was either "gluten free" or "good source of fiber." So we talked about how sometimes this question is not answered on the box. Sometimes we need to think about it and that the question means "What do you use this food to do?"

Raul (blue smoke BPC) and Giorgi (USC) beautifully disagreed on whether or not their food (saltine crackers) was healthy. Raul said it is not healthy because there is too much sodium. Giorgi said it is healthy because the calories are low and there is no sugar.

New words: canned, healthy, gluten, fiber vs fever

Level 1 - Wednesday

Level 1 - Monday