Ramona, Musa, and Giorgio

This week was game week for all classes. The Level 1 USE class had a great time and were intent on picking up new words. 

Ramona blew everyone out of the water in BINGO. She has improved immensely over the past 3 months. Even Miguel said "She is very good" and gave her props for her impressive English listening skills. Musa was having trouble with his sight (his glasses were causing a glare on the BINGO board) and so Ramona managed to control 2 boards at once - her own as well as her colleagues. 

Giorgi is improving quickly as evidenced by his focus during the spelling dice game. With English encouragement from his chefs, he could move up a level this fall. But he'll need the support at work too. If he speaks Spanish, ask him to try English. He'll give it a go and will succeed. 


Level 2 Recap

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