Level 2 Recap

Students understood and were able to product yours, mine, ours, theirs, his/hers right away. Douglas was challenged by it though and expressed confusion with the homework from last week (difference between possessive 's'  - like Mary's - and 's' in a contraction that stands for is)

This was Odalis's first day and she did a great job. She caught on quickly with the lesson—it did take her a beat which is to be expected since she came in after a few lessons—but she got the hang of it once she stopped over thinking the questions—she is very studious.

Game day! Jeopardy was a challenge for this group - Francisco, Edwin, and Douglas did an exceptional job though. Francisco was on a team with Elisabeth and Odalis and his ideas for answers were mostly always the correct ones, even if the consensus of his team resulted in a different answer.

Monday Class Update

Ramona, Musa, and Giorgio