Wednesday Class Update

The wednesday class at USE is doing a great job.

Everyone's spelling and word recognition skills have improved significantly over the past few months and everyone is correctly each other now - which is a good sign. 

Jose L (USE), Richard (GT), Ramon (GT) and Jesus (USE) [and maybe Giorgio USC)] will be ready to move up this Fall to level 2. If they continue to stay focused and pass their gateway test in October! 

Musa has been a Level 1 student for some time, but he has improved so much. He can read English now which he couldn't do before. He also asks a lot of questions. 

Heiny, Miguel, Sylla, and Ramona are on track to stay in Level 1 but it's clear they are improving both in pronunciation and listening. Ramona's listening skills are exceptional while Heiny's writing skills are at the topic of her class. 

Cross Contamination

Tuesday Class Update