a bunch of...

Level 1 - Monday

This week students worked more on units of measure (gallons of oil, packs of napkins) and started to put it into context with the notion of placing an order or asking for something. 

This lesson was useful for everyone and they were trying hard to use the work 'of' (rather than 'de' - which is spanish). Even Francisco (marta) who is lower level was able to respond to yes/no questions that were asked of him. His listening is improving. 

Iris got confused when she saw a photo of "a bunch of radishes". She said, Meghan says this a lot. There are a lot of bunches? I explained that it means 2 things...

  • a bunch = 1 bundle or 1 group
  • a bunch = a lot

She thought that the second use was probably what she hears more of - which is likely true!

I don't think so...

What is soap?