Stuck Stack Stock

Level 2

This week students learned how to pick apart a next by color-coding it. Higher level 2s went through the text on their own and lower levels worked on it together.

Students were also confused about the meaning/pronunciation of "stuck" vs. "stack" vs. "stock"—they thought "stacking" meant the same as getting something stuck.

An a-ha moment for Edwin: Ss went over the meaning of "spoiled," Edwin said, "So I have some cilantro that is spoiled and I have been trying to figure out how to tell someone this in English! This is great!" And we went on to talk about the difference between "It is spoiled" (adjective) vs. "It spoiled" (simple past verb) vs. "It is spoiling" (present continuous verb) and he was so grateful to have the option for how to express this. Finally he said, "I think it is spoiling right now. It's not completely spoiled yet."

A lot v Allah

Somebody - Some butter