Makin' PB&J

Level 2

Topic: Give and follow oral instructions. Compare different versions of PB&J with the adjectives and comparative/superlative language students have been learning.

Edwin (Untitled) and Mayor (USE) wouldn't eat the sandwiches because they didn't like some of the ingredients. So, we got to learn a new word 'picky' and write the sentence 'Edwin is as picky as Maykor' as an example for equal.

Kossi (BSBPC), Francisco (BS27), and Douglas (GT) did a great job with instructing Edwin and Maykor on how to make the sandwiches. Both sandwiches turned out perfect!

Activities like this work well for Kossi and Francisco. They both do a beyond excellent job with their On the Fly papers, their in class writing, and their answering questions correctly but they also both struggle with speaking both with pronunciation and speaking at length on the spot.