Musa and Heiny

Musa (USE) and Heiny (Untitled) have become good friends and class. They work well together and their skill level compliments each other. Musa has high speaking and listening skills. Heiny balances that out with her writing and reading ability. For the past few weeks they've been too reliant on each other though. Asking each other for answers rather than trying to figure it out on their own or talking while another classmate is answering a question. It's become distracting to other students and they end up being confused because they aren't paying attention to the rest of the class. 

I spoke with them after class and told them that next week we'd try something new. They wouldn't sit together. They agreed that they get confused when they don't pay attention and were accepting of the new idea to get them back on track. 

Alright vs. Arrives

Frozen Pizza