Practice Test - Blue Smoke

Level 1 - Blue Smoke

Students did a GREAT job on their practice test. We've been doing small quizzes for 2 weeks in preparation, teaching them to know how to take a test, to not let their eyes wander, and to honor the value of knowing where you stand in a particular English skill.

Marcos needs help with pronuncation and reading still - this has always been his challange - but his vocab is on.point.

Iris and Fabio did well in all skills. Fabio commented that he really struggles with pronunciation (which is true) but I recommended he read aloud more which builds pronuncation awareness.

Luciano (USE) - wow. What a champ. He's really coming along and practicing. He's academic to begin with but this test really proved how capable he is of moving up to Level 2 early next year. He's about even in all English skills. 

Practice Test - NEG

Practice Test