Lesson 3


Today, Ss learned surface locations (floor, ground, wall, window, door, ceiling) and used the preposition ON correctly. We also introduced the article THE to specify objects.

There was also a bit of confusion about "mat" for a minute, both in pronunciation/listening and meaning. Ss confused it with 'map' (in pronunciation) and then 'carpet' (in meaning). But we navigated through it and Alfredo said, "mat is for the water" and Marvin said "carpet is soft." Both are "on the floor" 

Higher level Ss were used to model activities today (Alredo, Marvin, Benito, Joel). They were also paired with lower level Ss for listening activities.

Cristina (La Sirena) did a fantastic job today! Besides Rosa, she is the lowest level, but she took her time and focused on pronouncing the words the way she heard them, and concentrated on putting together her questions correctly. "where are the sponges?" "on the shelf.....on the wall." Amazing job! I could see that even Alfredo (her partner today) was very proud of her.

Lesson 4

Lesson 2