Lesson 8


This week, Ss had to recall the difference between like/want and read story about food preferences, then, write their own.

Arnulfo did a great job today! He is listening much better and did a great job with his partner Israel on the sentence scramble.

Where to put "Today," in the 2 sentences due to confusions about capital and lower case letters. So we talked about the difference. Talia likes tacos vs talia likes tacos. They want pizza vs they want pizza. They are happy vs they are happy. Ss picked the correct answer with the capital letter so we talked about how it's necessary to start the sentence with the capital letter. 

Diana also spoke with Benito, Joel, Arnulfo, Anselmo, and Marvin who were late. They all said, "Sorry teacher. Next week on time." 

Lesson 9

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