Lesson 5


This week, Ss had to about what people do often using negative forms of verbs.

Very proud of Jose because he was helping anyone who needed help (Rosa and Arnulfo mainly) by pointing out how we change the verbs for I, we, they, he, she, it, you on his ref. sheet from last week and showing it them.


  • Marvin/Anselmo
  • Araceli/Rosa
  • Jose/Arnulfo
  • Alfredo/Maria
  • Marvin/Anselmo
  • Alfredo/Maria (worked on "difficult" versions of worksheets today!)

Diana noticed that some of them are having trouble the with homework and it seemed it was because they were not organized and/or using their yellow reference sheet to help them. So, Ss learned to organize their folders at the start of class—at end of class when Ss were given another yellow reference sheet and were told to "organize"  they knew what to do!

Late //Anselmo—10 minutes, Arnulfo—10 minutes, Araceli—20 minutes, Maria—20 minutes


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