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Communicating effectively as a manager requires more than just English fluency. It's about adjusting your behavior, language, and communication style to solve sensitive issues. For managers or managers-to-be who don't speak English as their first language.


The Gist



Curriculum based on real-life people, operations, and communications challenges seen across the industry. Role-play scenarios are adjusted to and generated by the needs of your business.



For managers and managers-to-be who don’t speak English as a first language. Facilitated by certified instructors who are management veterans.



Workshop format which means all learners get air time and can problem solve at length.  We facilitate intensive discussions and activities relevant to food industry management.



4 weeks each. Choose 1 or all 6.


LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT: The Swiss Army Knife of leadership courses. This is a survey course of entry and mid-level skills that gets your team started with management thinking.


NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION: Body language, tone, and touch alter how intent is interpreted. Build awareness of non-verbal language habits and those of  colleagues.


TAILORING YOUR MESSAGE: Approach sensitive issues and get positive interactions and outcomes. Learn to explain by being clear and concise.


CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Address countless forms of conflict and learn the 5 basic approaches to dealing with each.


GIVING & RECEIVING FEEDBACK: Give written and verbal praise while speaking to behaviors and skills that can be improved or removed to develop a strong team.

COACHING FOR SUCCESS: Make trainees into trainers. Trust yourself and others, set clear objectives, and delegate appropriately.



LEVEL: Advanced

CLASS SIZE: 10-15 employees

WHERE: On-site, at your business

LENGTH: 4 weeks

TIME: 2.5 hours per week

FOCUS: Leadership and soft skills

INSTRUCTOR: Facilitated by ESL Works instructors with food industry + management experience


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