There's a pressing need for work-specific training that helps employees communicate about real work events with their colleagues. With our method, your team will build the confidence to speak English immediately while generating their own voice in English.

We've spent hundreds of hours testing and perfecting our curriculum and training methods.  And, we source fresh, authentic content directly from the industry we’ve be working with our entire lives. No newspaper articles. No staged videos. No outdated audio files. Ever.



Here's what we always come back to when it comes to ensuring that learners, managers, and business owners are benefiting from English-for-Work training. We've sliced it up into 4 categories.


"Get Talking"

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Our method is simple and immediately effective: 1 part instruction, 1 part feedback, and 3 parts peer-to-peer learning.

industry focused

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Original, authentic, ESL Works English curriculum co-created with the food industry, and taught by TESOL certified instructors.


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Employees of all levels have access to videos, quizzes, class chats, and other online tools. And, our online tools are growing...

Stay Connected

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Managers are busy! So, we deliver employee progress reports with whole number metrics and digestible anecdotes.


Our instructors


ESL Works teachers have food industry experience, English teaching experience, and are certified to teach English. Also, our teachers complete 30 hours of paid training on our method, learning best practices for #englishforwork learning. 


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