For New York City-based Restaurants

Our high-touch premium service, which makes learning easy, engaging, and accessible for you and your team. English-for-work classes are taught weekly and on-site at your business. We bring materials with us, adjust to operational challenges that arise, and work with your unique scheduling needs. 



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ENGLISH DELIVERY:  We teach weekly classes on-site at your business, bring all the materials with us, and setup/breakdown unassisted.

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TAUGHT BY ESL EXPERTS AND FOOD INDUSTRY PROS:  We know what phrases and grammar should take priority in the classroom. Reading schedules, asking for help, filling out a form, location words, equipment vocabulary, writing work emails – that's our wheelhouse.


FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE:  We work with you on a class time that meets the needs of your operation and your employees. Whether it's at the end of your graveyard shift or between lunch and dinner service, we're ready to teach when your employees have time to learn.


SMALL TEACHER-LEARNER RATIO:  A class size of 6-12 learners means every student gets the attention which everyone learns and practices English effectively.

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PROGRESS TRACKING:  We track English language progress, classroom participation, preparedness, attendance, and more.



LEVELS: We offer 6 proprietary English levels

CLASS SIZE: 4 to 12 employees

WHERE: On-site, at your business

TIME: 90 minutes/class per week

FOCUS: Live speaking practice, English-for-Work fundamentals



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