We've spent hundreds of hours perfecting our curriculum and training methods. There's a pressing need for work-focused training that gets learners communicating around actual work events.  All of our curriculum is our own and is focused on English, communication, and leadership.  Everyone learns differently and at their own pace. So, we train our teachers to differentiate [adjust a lesson to honor to the varying strengths of learners]. Teachers are also trained to address moments where extra support or autonomy is needed.


the gist

Alright, that's a lot of jargon right there. So, here are the basics. Here's what we always come back to when it comes to ensuring that learners, managers, and business owners are benefiting from our training. We've sliced it up into 4 categories.


"Get Talking"

industry focused

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Stay Connected

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Classes are designed to be 1 part instruction, 1 part debriefing and feedback, and 3 parts peer-to-peer learning. Plus, our teachers conduct 1-to-1 student check-ins and build rapport with each English learner. 

Original, ESL Works English curriculum is taught in class by food industry and TESOL pros. We teach formal and informal work communication. And, we're flexible with class scheduling and locations!

Students of any level have access to pre-recorded and live English videos, online self-graded quizzes, a WhatsApp 'group chat' to comment and ask questions that come up outside of class, and other online tools. 

Client portals keep managers connected with their teams'  progress.  Student reports measure attendance, homework, and participation, while a Classroom Stories blog documents memorable moments. 

Tips for Managers


skilled teachers


ESL Works teachers have 2+ years of food industry experience, 2+ years of English teaching experience, and are certified by accredited institutions to teach English. Also, our teachers complete 30 hours of paid training on our method, learning best practices for on-site and remote instruction.