Understanding someone and being understood leads to shared value and successful outcomes on the job. 'Tips for Managers' is a quick way to learn to communicate more clearly with employees who are learning English. Watch these 90 second videos to get pointers on how to meet your team halfway during the learning process.


Get talking workshop

Like "Tips For Managers" videos? Want to learn it all in one workshop?  

'Get Talking' is a workshop for managers of employees who don't speak English. That's right! It's for English-speaking managers. It's relevant, interactive, and gives you tools to communicate better, immediately with English learners. According to economists, limited English skills of foreign-born U.S. workers costs U.S. businesses $65 billion annually in lost productivity [1]. 'Get Talking' helps dissolve language and cultural barriers while increasing productivity in your workplace. 

'Get Talking' is a great entry point for prospective clients and a solid refresher for current clients.