When students leave the classroom, they’re not leaving their English studies behind. They’re actually continuing to practice the grammar, the structures, the expressions that they learn in that week’s class. And the actual sous chefs and managers of the restaurant are very connected and aware of what’s happening in the classroom. So they get to follow up with those employees on a daily basis.
— Chef Mike Anthony (Gramercy Tavern)

"Our partnership with ESL Works has been amazing.  As a company we knew our people had potential to take on bigger roles and we did not want language to be a barrier.  We decided to offer these classes and make it available to employees to help them not only in their career at Citarella but also in their personal life.  We are very happy with the results and the employees enjoy going to class.  Their teachers are very patient, understanding and have a natural way of making employees feel comfortable and safe when they are in class to be themselves and get the most from their time." 

— Mary checo

HR manager @citarella


"ESL Works has helped Edwin both personally and professionally. We’ve seen him really come out of his shell. He’s always had this happy bubbly personality. But ESL Works has allowed him to have that same kind of fun in his native language as well as in English. "

— Jenny

purchasing manager @untitled

"It was extremely important to us that our employees would be given a learning environment that could help them feel more confident and supported; ESL Works has provided this for us tenfold- even sharing their weekly lessons so the entire kitchen can participate with them as they grow. This has been a great step for our team at Del Posto. Having the ability to provide our employees with an opportunity to not only learn and excel in their knowledge of English, but to have it focus on the topics that they use every day within their job is truly ideal. Normally if they wanted to do this on their own, they would be sacrificing their personal time on days off, but this system is so beautifully woven into their schedule that they can feel like it is just an extension of their work life."




"It’s great having ESL Works as an additional resource and incentive for my employees to grow in our business. Each employee values going to their class and takes pride in being about to communicate with their coworkers in English. I’ve been able to see improvements in their comprehension of what is being asked of them at work, and have had to spend less time explaining new tasks to them."



"ESL Works has been an opportunity that I wish I could have shared with my co-workers earlier. I wish I had the skills and the time to be able to help teach the way that Rachael and her team has. In a matter of months I have seen happiness in the eyes, and pride in the voice of my staff when they speak in English, about ESL Works."


Product Manager and Culinary Director of Events @tacombi



ESL Works has helped transform timid cooks into courageous chefs. By providing students with the confidence to communicate, ESL Works' classes   have enriched our kitchen’s culture.  

- laura

sous check @union square events


ESL Works has been an important part of my life. I'm learning English but at the same time I'm learning about so many things like foods and drinks. The most important thing is that I'm learning about everything that I don't know. Everything is new. What I really like about it is that I have a teacher just for me. I'm really grateful. There is nothing better than learning the language you love.

- Lili [backwaiter at fine casual restaurant]

Private lessons student  




Watch how Edwin's career evolved at Union Square Hospitality Group