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"The Intersection of Ed Tech and the Adult ESOL World", will be a dynamic 60-minute discussion. On the panel, experts in the field of EdTech, Software Development, and ESL will discuss a range of topics within the field of education technology.  We'll talk about the role that tech plays in ESL, the changes the EdTech industry has seen over the past decade, and how to increase access for adult learners. Learn how technology is being used as a practical tool for 21st century adult learners. 

Meet the Panel:

Ilan Jacobsohn | Senior Director of Distributed Education @ The New School

Kelsey Buttendorf | Assistant Director of Academic Technology @ NYU, Steinhardt 

Aiyana Brooks | Corpus Software Developer; former developer @ NYTimes, Capital One

Moderated By: Rachael Nemeth | CEO, Founder ESL Works

*This panel is a part The New School TESOL program's annual conference, "Meeting Challenges, Exploring Solutions". 


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