Why Cleanse?

The human body has not changed very much in the last several thousand years.  With that said, it is also undeniable that the foods we eat have changed dramatically!  Genetically modified organisms, food coloring, artificial ingredients, refined sugars, antibiotic-treated meats…The list of toxins goes on and on!  The air we breathe and the water we drink, contaminated… Do you see the trend here? We are surrounded by a toxic environment.

This is why you might want to consider trying our Master Cleanse!  It is an important aspect to overall  wellness.  Master Cleanse aids the body in the removal of  various chemicals and toxins.

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What makes us @ Holistic Organic Wellness different?

Today’s marketplace is cluttered with an array of various “Detox” products and exotic “Cleanses.” Most of them claim to provide significant weight loss, while others offer elevated energy levels and the removal of years’ worth of toxins from your body in just 24 hours…Really, how is that even possible?

With hundreds of options out there finding the right products can be a daunting task. As we start to examine the various trendy or popular detox diets – particularly those that involve extreme low-calorie dieting – we realize that they can deprive the body of important nutrients and may start to place additional stress on our organs. Oh, and let us not forget to mention that some of these products have been known to throw you off our natural balance!

Our products have gone through rigorous studies and are made of completely natural ingredients. We host educational workshops so that you learn to make the right nutritional choices. Diet is essential to optimize the products’ effectiveness. There are no magic pills…You need a long term, life changing solution.

Ready to Cleanse?

It’s no secret that the Colon doesn’t have one of the cleanliest jobs in the body… But it doesn’t have to be the dirtiest! If you’re ready to learn about the benefits of  our Master Cleanse please read on.

The Master Cleanse provides a seamless introduction to cleansing and is consistently a favorite amongst our clientele. The practice of natural colon cleansing dates back thousands of years to the Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian civilizations. The belief was that toxins would develop within the large intestine due to decomposition of undigested foods. These toxins would eventually be released into the circulatory system causing various forms of damage to the body. This process is referred to as autointoxication and is still one of the most prevalent theories regarding intestinal cleansing.

So if you are experiencing symptoms like fatigue, headaches, weight management issues, IBS and the least goes on…….toxins in your body could be the cause.

Let the Truth be Told!

It is no secret that the standard American diet is not very colon-friendly. If you’re like most people, the purchase and consumption of food occurs without a single thought regarding: where the food actually came from, how it was made, what are the ingredients, and how it might affect your health. This trend in food unconsciousness plays a large role in the health of your colon and other parts of your body. You’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat”…so what happens if you eat chemicals and artificial ingredients?

At Holistic Organic Wellness,  we recommend you eat organic foods as much as possible, and prepare fresh foods for meals rather than boxed, packaged, and other unnatural foodstuffs. Just doing this one thing – albeit a bit challenging – will make you feel better… Try it and see the difference!

Remember, if you’re going to detoxify, be sure that you use only natural herbs from Holistic Organic Wellness.

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But wait! Cleansing is not all we have to offer! Holistic Organic Wellness is the only authorized to sell Hormetic High Frequency Spray Technology. So what’s all the hype about this Hormetic Spray Technology? Let us explain…

Hormetic High Frequency is a form of Hormesis. Hormesis research has been documented since the late 1800’s and was termed Hormetics by a German scientist in the 1930’s. The philosophy of Hormesis is based on the ideology in which a slight or mild stressor increases resistance to other, more intense or severe stressors. So what exactly does this mean? Well, in modern day science, it has generally been accepted that exposure to certain toxic chemicals at low dosages can show beneficial effects. Really? Yes, Really! An example of this would be Trace Metals, which are essential to our body at low levels but can be detrimental at elevated levels.

Still confused? Don’t worry, not for long. Consider this, the most commonly known form of Hormesis would be EXERCISE. Let us think this through together. Exercise, or for this example we will use weight lifting, is where the body will purposely endure a certain level of stress in order to build resistance. What happens when we build resistance? We build larger muscles! Our body becomes stronger and can therefore handle more weight. So that 200lbs you were originally trying to bench press no longer seems to stress the body as previously, you can do far more reps after exposure (practice) to specific weight. This is essentially the concept of Hormesis.

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