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Why Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?
The human body has not changed very much in the last several thousand years.  With that said, it is also undeniable that the foods we eat have changed dramatically!  Genetically modified organisms, food coloring, artificial ingredients, refined sugars, antibiotic-treated meats…The list of toxins goes on and on!  The air we breathe and the water […]

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Activated Charcoal – for removal of toxins

So what is activated charcoal? Maybe you have never heard of it before. Think about air cleaners you may have used or seen. Many of them have a charcoal filter. This is because charcoal is very good at trapping chemicals and particles.

In traditional medicine, doctors and hospitals sometimes use charcoal to treat victims of poisonings. […]

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Sexual Issues in Midlife

According to Psychology Today, there are four components of sexuality that may be challenged at midlife.

Americans are not short on their understanding of the importance of our sexual lives. For more than 40 years the phrase “sex sells” has become a household phrase BUT the reason for that is more important than you might have […]

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You don’t need Complete Wellness System to tell you that you need Vitamin D. It’s essential for all humans. Our bodies actually manufacture it, with the help of sunlight. What you may NOT know is that Vitamin D deficiency has recently been named ‘an epidemic’ in the United States. This is the result of a thorough […]

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To Get or Not To Get – FLU SHOTS

You have no doubt heard the debate over flu shots. At Complete Wellness System, we believe in natural health. We feel that when the body is in a state of optimal health (homeostasis), it is fully able to ward off illness and disease. However, most people are not in that state, and so do they […]

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