flu_shotYou have no doubt heard the debate over flu shots. At Complete Wellness System, we believe in natural health. We feel that when the body is in a state of optimal health (homeostasis), it is fully able to ward off illness and disease. However, most people are not in that state, and so do they benefit by getting the flu shot?

We researched the ingredients in a flu shot, which are publicized. Not only are there antibiotics in a flu shot (which we are against for several reasons – look for this explanation in our next article) – but there are carcinogens as well. AND formaldehyde. Yes, formaldehyde! It’s used to kill the active flu virus placed into the vaccine.

If you read the “small print” about flu shots, you’ll see warnings that it could cause an allergic reaction. A couple of the popular flu vaccines used have package inserts stating that their effect on fertility is unknown. Detergents and other chemicals that are unnatural and toxic to our bodies are also present in the flu shot. Our conclusion: we would opt out, but we encourage you to do some research and decide for yourself.

We found reports and studies online showing that those who got the flu shot had just as many doctor visits that year as those who did not get the shot. One study reported that only about 33 to 37 percent of those who get the shot show lesser instances of flu.

Prevention is of course the key to avoiding viruses. Eat a healthy diet with as few packaged goods as possible – and as many fresh, whole foods as possible. Fruits, veggies, fish, grains, proteins. Get the right amount of sleep – 7 to 7.5 hours a night is optimal according to sleep researchers. Anything less and your body is depleted and compromised.

Wash your hands frequently, and avoid mass public gatherings when flu season is at its peak. Get the right nutrients and vitamins to boost your immune system. Complete Wellness System carries several all-natural, top grade supplements that support your immune system. Our top-grade Vitamin D works to regulate your body’s ability to fight infection and acts as a sort of ‘natural antibiotic’. Our Olive Leaf spray (under the tongue) is an easy to use. Natural immune booster.

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