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Femodrol Healthy Female Balance is formulated using the frequency technology and adding stressors such as Nux Vom, a homeopathic remedy that comes from the seeds of the poison-nut tree, a substance that could be harmful if not used in homeopathic remedies. Nux Vom is water down and it becomes beneficial!

Product Description

Everything vibrates in nature at different frequencies. QUANTUM PHYSICS describes the universe as vibrating strings of energy. Every part of your body has different frequencies and when parts of the body are stressed, they no longer vibrate at optimal frequencies! Our spray technology with frequencies is called Hormetic High Frequency Technology (HHFT)

Femodrol is designed to:
Increase lean body mass
Decrease body fat
Increase energy
Improve weight loss
Increase physical strength
Improve sexual function
Improve sleep quality
Improve hormonal balance.


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