ESL Works

ESL Works brings profession-focused English education to the food industry. Through an on-site classroom approach, employees are taught the language and life skills they need in order to be more confident workers and to lead better lives. 

English TRAINING FOR the food industry

We deliver English to you. It's hard for employees to travel to a training. So, we save you the trouble and teach classes on site, right in your restaurant or grocery store. 

We're ESL experts AND food industry pros. So, we know what phrases and grammar should take priority in the classroom. Reading schedules, asking for help, filling out a form, location words, equipment vocabulary, writing work emails – that's our wheelhouse.

We work with your schedule. You have a precise schedule to keep. So, we’ll work with you on a class time that meets the needs of your operation and your employees. 

We keep the student-teacher ratio small. A maximum class size of 12 students means that everyone gets the individual attention they need in order to learn and practice English effectively.

We track progress. Attendance and homework reports, extracurricular participation, student feedback, English proficiency. We track it all.


Where we teach

ESL Works designs and facilitates english training programs for the food industry. We inspire courageous communication and break through language barriers in the workplace.

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